About Mo'jardo


Two EPs, and two LPs on the books, Mojardo is currently in the studio working on fresh music for 2018/2019. But what's next? Well, that's your cue. Mo'Jardo wants to connect with more like-minded musicians to form a collaborative alliance for future projects. By joining up, and using this website, you will gain exposure with an established artist in the Electro-Lounge genre. Start by building a free music profile. We allow you to back link to your website and social media, as well as galleries to upload music, photos, and links to your music videos.

Mo'jardo Highlights:

- In the summer of 2013, Mo’jardo released their outstanding
track “Tequila Days” which was first featured on Lounge Du Soleil Vol.15 .

- Followed by the release of their debut EP 25 Floors Up on September 27 2013 which featured 5 tracks.

- Their second EP La Cultura was honored with a Julian Lennon “pick of the week” on BelowZero Beats.

Expressions Du Désir was launched in March 2015, with the track “Summer Rain” at the #1 spot on BelowZero Beats weekly top 10

- Mo'jardo's second full-length effort, Nightlife, was released in 2017 and is on sale now!

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