A Look Back

Mojardo Bevan MearnsMusician, composer, and producer Bevan Mearns launched Mo’jardo in 2013 while living in Thailand. However the musical journey began much earlier. Growing up in New Zealand, music became part of Bevan's daily life as a teenager when he got his first guitar. Through mutual friends, Bevan met Rick Kilcullen, a non-traditional guitar player, with whom Bevan would eventually co-write Mo'jardo's first two EPs.


In 2003, seeking a new life and inspiration, Bevan packed his bags and took his chances on a big jet plane. It was in South East Asia, among the jungles and beaches, Bevan met Chris Jungo. Chris, a former music producer for Sony and EMI, who would become a life-long friend, and a writing partner as well. A demo of, "Tequila Days", was delivered to Lemongrass Music, and got the response, "We love your track, have you got more"? So with the trifecta complete, 2013 introduced Mo'jardo's debut effort,  "25 Floors Up", to the world. 


Mo'jardo returned to the studio, and by early 2014 their second EP, La Cultura, was released. Less than a year would pass, and in 2015 Mo'jardo would release their first full-length LP, " Expressions du Desir". 2015's Expressions Du Desir would establish Mo'Jardo as a recognizable member of the Electronic Lounge scene, and singles such as, "Love in Stereo", "Down This Road", and "Summer Rain" would find their way onto numerous compilation discs.


With Rick dissolving himself from the music scene, Bevan set out to record Mo'jardo's second studio album, "Nightlife", which was recorded during Mearn's final years in South East Asia, and draws inspiration from the French and European colonial influences on the region. The album also heavily features Berlin based trumpet phenom, Tim Gelo.