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The online age has brought us closer in ways we couldn't have imagined 25 years ago. We now live in a time where a recording studio can fit in your mobile phone or tablet...anything is possible. With that in mind, Mo'jordo's outlook for the future is to collaborate with more musicians worldwide. Mo'jardo has been fortunate to work with the talented artists below. If you would like to be one of them, sign up to become part of the Mo'jardo family. Create your profile, upload photos, backlink to your website and social media and post your videos.


Chris Jungo

Jazz Musician and DJ, Chris Jungo scatters his craft across various Mo’jardo tracks. Chris has served up grooves as resident DJ at "The Long Table” in Bangkok, and other establishments such as BedSupper Club, Twin Palms, and the AMBar just to name a few. Chris was also a former music producer for Sony and EMI Records. Be sure to check out his work!!

Tim Gelo



Currently based in New Zealand, Mo'jardo is working with Berlin based trumpet sensation Tim Gelo. Like a velvet smoking jacket, Gelo's trumpet is a perfect match for the martini atmosphere served up by Mo'jardo's driving grooves, thoughtful melodies, and soulful ambiance. Tim was a spotlight artist on Mo'jardo's latest effort Nightlife. Make sure to check out his profile for other groovy tunes!


Would you like to join Mo'jardo on a creative journey? Send us a message with the form below and don't forget to include your links!

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